Team Spotlight: Gift Accounting

Who is on the UGA Foundation Gift Accounting & Agreements Team? For many GAIL users, part (or all) of what you do may involve soliciting gifts to your school or department. But who handles all the legwork once the check is written to make sure that money ends up where it is supposed to go? […]

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Automating Process for Deactivating Expired & Inactive GAIL User Accounts

As you are all aware, DAR IT takes the security of our donor information very seriously.  One of the fundamental ways to protect information is to limit access to it, and a primary principle of this is that unused user accounts need to be closed when they are identified.  This principle, common to many information […]

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Did Someone Say “Batch Interactions”?

What is this thing?  And how do I get it? If you’ve ever wished you could key in one interaction and have it copy to multiple constituent records, or wished that you could keep a list of various interactions in a spreadsheet and have those imported into GAIL onto constituents records – that day is […]


GAIL 2019 Survey Check-In

Before we head into the new year, we wanted to revisit the GAIL 2019 survey that we sent out in the spring and update you on how some of your suggestions are being implemented. Thank you again on all your feedback and suggested enhancements on the survey. You contributions are invaluable! We shared the following […]


Holiday Card Address Processing & Name Format Settings

Those of you used to sending emails probably don’t do much with the Address Processing & Name Format settings in your GAIL marketing efforts and event communications. However with the holidays quickly approaching and an abundance of postal mailings being planned, we want to make sure you have all the right resources to get those […]


Querying Mentor/Mentee Relationships

With the UGA Mentor Program underway, there is now a way to query those individuals involved in this exciting new venture. This process only refers to individuals who are part of the official university-wide mentoring program and not any school-specific or departmental mentoring programs that may already exist (like, for example, the CAES Mentor Program). […]

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Planned & Estate Giving Attributes

In stewarding a deferred gift donor, there is nothing of greater importance than ensuring that a donor’s recognition preferences are honored. Accordingly, this document serves to clarify the various recognition options available to a planned giving donor and summarizes the method for capturing this data in GAIL. Recognition Preferences – The Options: When donors complete […]

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Team Spotlight: Research & Prospect Management (RPM)

Who is on the Research & Prospect Management Team? Meet RPM, that’s Research and Prospect Management if you didn’t know! This group of wonderful individuals lives to make your prospect research and portfolio management dreams a reality! But who are they exactly? Previous Next Matthew Alexander, Development Analyst Ian Buchanan, Development Analyst Danielle Free, Senior […]

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Mr. Direct M. Placeholder vs. Universe

If you are using Mr. Placeholder’s finder number for tracking your postal mail marketing effort, you should double-check that the record is actively included in the marketing effort export information. Before activating a marketing effort, it’s important to verify that “Mr. Placeholder” qualifies to be included in the final results. Find out how with these […]


Finding your alumni (and donors, parents, and anyone else) in GAIL

If part of your planning process for mailings, events, or travel is to first see where your constituents live, GAIL has a tool for you! That’s right! The constituent density map will show you where your constituents live based on their primary address. All you need to do is ask for a selection at […]