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Feel free to reach out to any of the teams below if you have a question. Unsure about who is the best person to answer your specific question? Email it to askit@uga.edu and it will be assigned to the most appropriate team!

Business Process Questions

David Jones, Executive Director of Annual Giving & Constituent Development

706-542-8131 or dsjones@uga.edu

Constituent Information

Ashley Morrow, Manager of Constituent Management

706-542-8167 or aldga17@uga.edu

Consulting & Training

Cindy Bond, Manager of Client Services

706-542-8153 or cmbond@uga.edu

Eric Schmidt, Assistant Manager of Client Services

706-542-9483 or eric.schmidt@uga.edu

Emily Clary, Client Services Associate

706-542-0817 or ejclary@uga.edu

Direct Marketing & Events Support Information

Emily Clary, Client Services Associate

706-542-0817 or ejclary@uga.edu

Internet and Customization Information

Greg Harmelink, Assoc Dir, Application Support

706-542-6902 or greg2000@uga.edu

Revenue Information

Brandon Scott, Gift Accounting

706-542-5787 or brscott@uga.edu

Planned Giving Information

Clint Travis, Senior Director of Planned & Estate Giving

706-542-8138 or clint.travis@uga.edu

Prospect Research & Prospect Management Information

Nedra Newton-Rosario, Executive Director of Research and Prospect Management

706-542-9992 or nedra11@uga.edu

Reports and Query Information

Olivia Engesser, Manager of Reporting & Analytics

706-542-8188 or engesser@uga.edu

Stewardship, Acknowledgements & Recognition Programs Information

Cindy Bond, Client Services Manager

706-542-8153 or cmbond@uga.edu

System Login or Security Information

Jeff Garmon, Systems Administrator

706-542-8148 or jgarmon@uga.edu

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