Planned & Estate Giving Attributes

In stewarding a deferred gift donor, there is nothing of greater importance than ensuring that a donor’s recognition preferences are honored. Accordingly, this document serves to clarify the various recognition options available to a planned giving donor and summarizes the method for capturing this data in GAIL. Recognition Preferences – The Options: When donors complete […]

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Prospect Referrals – Archived, Rejected & Particpants

Fundraisers: Learn how to show/hide archived referrals, how rejected referral notices are generated, and participants can now be added to referrals! Fundraisers can now filter out archived referrals on their “My Prospect Referrals” tab. Currently, all archived referrals are filtered out by default, however, you now have the ability to view them by checking the […]

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Reminder: Send Invites and Save the Dates Through Events

As you all well know, with the fall semester comes an increase in campus events. A high number of email save the dates and postal mail invitations will be sent to our constituents. Please remember that if you are sending a communication to your constituents about an event, the email or postal mail correspondence needs […]


Security for Sharing GAIL Data

Often, sharing GAIL data is necessary for mailing out your communications, but we need to ensure we are following the security rules and guidelines as outlined in our policies.

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EVI, PDI, and Six Square Segmentation

The Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management (Blackbaud FPM or BB FPM) platform — what you may formerly have refered to as Reeher — introduces exciting new behaviorally-based giving metrics to assist fundraisers in their prospect and portfolio decision making. You may have seen, heard talk of, or even be using these four scores introduced with this […]


Team Spotlight: Quality Assurance & Process Analysis

Who makes up the Quality Assurance & Process Analysis team? The fearless leader and sole member of the Quality Assurance & Process Analysis (QA&PA) team is none other than Doris Cash! Let’s get to know Doris a little better with some fun facts! In high school, she was in a troupe of singers & dancers […]

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Marketing Efforts Planning Calendar

If you’ve ever wanted to peer into a crystal ball and see the future, look no further than the GAIL Planning Calendar. Located in the Marketing & Communications functional area, the Planning Calendar includes all of the marketing efforts and events that have ever been added to GAIL. It even includes the upcoming travel dates […]


Advanced Search Options

Searching for constituents, whether that’s individual, groups, or organizations, is one of the most fundamental actions you can perform in GAIL. To perform a basic search, navigate to the constituents functional area from the blue bar across the top. Under the constituents section click the first link for constituent search. In the box that appears […]


Maintaining Business Addresses in GAIL

When sending postal mail correspondences through GAIL, one of our most important tasks is making sure that our communication is reaching our constituents. Sometimes this may mean contacting constituents at their place of business instead of at their residence. When a business address is added to the contact tab of a constituent’s profile, we can […]


Why Can’t I Log-In to GAIL?

There are a number of different reasons why you may not be able to enter into GAIL. Maybe you don’t have the correct access. Maybe you aren’t logged into the correct VPN group. Use the troubleshooting guide below to determine why you may not be able to access GAIL. If you are still experiencing any […]

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