Editing Opportunities from the Pending Activity Tab

If you’re a fundraiser, the fundraiser tab on your constituent profile houses a great tool: your pending activity page. Here you can see your list of pending plan steps and interactions for your prospects in one place. You can file contact reports for plans you’re working on, edit steps or mark them complete directly from […]


Keeping Your Event Data Organized with the Event List

If you’re an events-oriented GAIL user, you probably already knew about the handy calendar view in the events functional area showing all planned ceremonies, celebrations, and occasions that have been set up through GAIL. But have you ever wanted to see them in a nice, organized list? That’s exactly what the brand new event list […]


Editing Images in BEE

As of November, 26th, the BEE email creator will be updated to use the Pixie Image Editor instead of Adobe’s Create SDK Image Editing UI. This new update will allow GAIL users to edit images uploaded to their file manager. These editing tools include filters, cropping, stickers, frames, and more!


Email Statistics Report Update: Who Bounced Your Email?

I bet you already knew about all the awesome statistics and information you can find through the GAIL Email Statistics Report. Now a new section has been added to the report that allows you to see your email bounces. Email bounces happen when your email can’t be delivered to a recipient.   Maybe there is a […]


Pending Batch Revenue Report

A new Pending Batch Revenue report has been added to the Revenue functional area of GAIL. This new report shows gift revenue given to the Foundation that is currently pending in batch. While revenue is pending, it will not display in your gift reports. By running the pending batch report, GAIL users will know if […]

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Approved Vendors for GAIL Mailings

As outlined in policies and procedures, we require a Non-Disclosure Agreement form to be on file with the Client Services office prior to sharing any GAIL data with outside resources.  Typically, you might contract with a vendor to print and process your mailings using data from GAIL (newsletters, solicitations, invitations, etc.)  We want to provide […]

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Attention Fundraisers! New “Research” tab on prospect records!

There’s a new “Research” tab on prospect records in GAIL! GAIL has a new “Research” tab which consolidates into one place the information presently appearing in different areas of the database. The new Research Tab reflects pertinent modeling score/rating information, prequalification notes, profile information, and research-confirmed assets: real estate, businesses, securities, wealth indicators, income/compensation, and […]

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Sending Regrets through Event Registration Pages

A new customization has been added to GAIL that allows for event invitees to “Send Regrets.” This new addition is available upon request when creating your event registration page. These declines will appear within your GAIL event module as well as your email alerts.

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“Prospects of” Group Birthday Alerts

Fundraisers with “Prospects of” groups will begin receiving a birthday email alert on the last day of every month. This email will display the next 40 days of birthdays for members of your “prospects of” group.

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Alumni Association to Utilize Prospect Plans

The Alumni Association staff will soon begin to utilize GAIL’s prospect management tools for their engagement plans. You will begin seeing new prospect plans appear possibly on some existing assigned prospects.  These plans will be used for managing their engagement plans with Chapter Leaders, SAA, Past AA Presidents, etc., rather than for fundraising specifically.  There […]

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