Automating Process for Deactivating Expired & Inactive GAIL User Accounts

As you are all aware, DAR IT takes the security of our donor information very seriously.  One of the fundamental ways to protect information is to limit access to it, and a primary principle of this is that unused user accounts need to be closed when they are identified.  This principle, common to many information […]

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Prospect Referrals – Archived, Rejected & Particpants

Fundraisers: Learn how to show/hide archived referrals, how rejected referral notices are generated, and participants can now be added to referrals! Fundraisers can now filter out archived referrals on their “My Prospect Referrals” tab. Currently, all archived referrals are filtered out by default, however, you now have the ability to view them by checking the […]

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Reminder: Send Invites and Save the Dates Through Events

As you all well know, with the fall semester comes an increase in campus events. A high number of email save the dates and postal mail invitations will be sent to our constituents. Please remember that if you are sending a communication to your constituents about an event, the email or postal mail correspondence needs […]


Security for Sharing GAIL Data

Often, sharing GAIL data is necessary for mailing out your communications, but we need to ensure we are following the security rules and guidelines as outlined in our policies.

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EVI, PDI, and Six Square Segmentation

The Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management (Blackbaud FPM or BB FPM) platform — what you may formerly have refered to as Reeher — introduces exciting new behaviorally-based giving metrics to assist fundraisers in their prospect and portfolio decision making. You may have seen, heard talk of, or even be using these four scores introduced with this […]


Styling Your BEE Email for Desktop vs Mobile

Life on the go Though you may find yourself checking your email while sitting at your desk with your laptop or desktop computer, increasingly people are turning to their mobile device to keep up-to-date with their inbox.   The conscientious email designer will take into account the devices on which their emails will be seen […]


Reeher Login Changes

On February 21st, the previous Reeher platform transitioned over to the Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management platform.  This transition required users to have a “Blackbaud Id’ before they could continue accessing the platform.  In addition, it introduced some visual differences.  If you encounter problems accepting the Blackbaud Id invitation (that you received via email) or have […]

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Annual Giving Marketing Effort Centralization at UGA

Big changes are coming to the way the Annual Giving works in conjunction with other teams across campus. Read more about this centralization effort here.


Mx. Title Option Added in GAIL

The title Mx. has been added to GAIL as a gender-inclusive salutation for individuals who prefer not to specify their gender or do not ascribe to a male/female gender binary. To update an individual’s profile to reflect this title, perform a constituent search for the individual. Navigate to the personal info tab on their profile […]

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Opt-In to GAIL Notifications!

Tips & Tricks can sometimes be a lengthy newsletter, depending on how many GAIL updates were made in a given month. A common response from users is that they don’t have time to read it and decide which articles apply to their needs.  Now you can opt-in to specific email alerts regarding GAIL updates!  What […]

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