Start Here: GAIL 101 Courses

If you need access to GAIL (UGA’s alumni and donor information database) then in addition to submitting the access form you’ll also need to sign up for an introductory GAIL course. GAIL is an awesome tool with over 800,000 records that we want keep safe and secure, so classes are part of the mandatory fun. Both options below will require you to complete interactive training materials in the eLC after you register for class.

All Users

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Seriously, submit the access form first -- you'll thank us later. Once you have that done, we are happy to offer both in-person and virtual introductory classes for View Only or Update access users!

Student Workers

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If you are a student worker, graduate assistant, intern, or temporary employee go ahead and submit that access form first. Then you will receive information about the eLC for more training.

Need some help deciding which classes you’ll need? Find out more information here. Is the Student Worker class right for you? Click here to help you decide.

Or, just send us an email at if you have further questions. 

Advanced GAIL Courses

After GAIL 101 – All Users, you can choose to specialize in a specific area of GAIL by working with someone on the Client Services Team to accomplish your #GAILgoals! Whether you choose a stewardship, fundraising, events, or marketing course depends upon what your job responsibilities are. GAIL 101 – Student Worker participants are only eligible for some of our Assistance classes. 

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to GAIL, but don’t panic — our courses incorporate learning in the eLC that you take at your own pace before in-class sessions.


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The GAIL - Stewardship & Acknowledgements class will show you where to find reports about donors to recognize their gifts to your school, college, or unit. We will also discuss Recognition Programs, Birthday Cards, and Honor Rolls.

Looking for Qualtrics training instead? Click here to submit an AskIT ticket for access to UGA’s Qualtrics XM and for assistance with sending out your own surveys to alumni and donors. 


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The GAIL - Research & Prospect Management class provides annual giving and major giving development officers with the tools and access to solicit donations. We will discuss how to track Plans on constituent profiles with your RPM liaison.

Do you assist a fundraiser, but won’t have a portfolio of your own? You’ll still take Research & Prospect Management, but some reports may not be available to you. Click the link above to register. 

Events Management

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Looking to host an event on campus or virtually? The GAIL - Events Management class will demonstrate how to invite constituents, track their registration, record attendance, and even send follow-up communication like surveys.

Click here to register for an Events Assistance class if you will only be updating information in an event like attendance or catering.

Student Workers should take this instead of the full class.

Direct Marketing Efforts

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In order to communicate with large groups of constituents, you must take the GAIL - Direct Marketing Efforts class first. Understanding what potential donors are receiving or how alumni want to keep in touch is the main feature of GAIL!

If you are a Student Worker, you can not send out communications, but you and All Users can design them in BEE (Best Email Editor) by registering for a Communications Assistance class.

Wait, what is the eLC?

With the coronavirus pandemic increasing the need for remote work, the Client Services team is adapting our conventional training. The eLearning Commons (eLC) is the online learning management system for the University of Georgia. This website allows us to create videos where we will demonstrate some #GAILskills and pose questions about what you learned. This allows you to the get the most out of learning, all at your own pace, before you even begin your in-class session!

Have any other Questions?

That’s a lot of options when it comes to GAIL training, right? If you’d like more information about any one training there are several resources available:

  • The available courses page has more information about each individual class.
  • The registration page for each class also has more detailed info for that class including how long it is, who it is intended for, prerequisites, etc.
  • Any member of the Client Services team will be happy to talk with to find out what you need to do and which training will help you learn how to do it.
  • You can always email, our ticketing system, with any GAIL questions or concerns that you have and a team member will be in touch!