The UGA Foundation has created a new online form for Development staff to initiate when working with donors who wish to make a charitable commitment to support any of the various funding efforts for the University. This form is fillable using DocuSign which includes electronic delivery.

How to Route a Pledge Form for Electronic Signature

Initiate a New Letter of Commitment (Pledge Form)

Follow this link to access the Signer Information page. Enter your contact information as the UGA employee point of contact and provide contact information for the donor as well. This will route the form to be completed and signed, so be sure names and email addresses are entered correctly.
Once you have entered the signer information, click the Begin Signing button to access the pledge form.

Complete the Pledge Details
The red boxes shown below indicate required fields to be completed by you as the UGA employee point of contact. Once all required fields have been filled out and the letter of commitment is ready to be sent to the donor, click on the yellow Finish button at the bottom. After the completion of this step, the donor will immediately receive a DocuSign email directing them to complete and sign the form.

Donor is Directed to Sign Pledge Form
The donor will receive a DocuSign email directing them to the form, which now includes the information you entered in the last step. Grey boxes below will be available for the donor to provide matching gift info and other notes. Besides their signature to confirm the pledge details that you provided, the only required step is to indicate whether or not payments will be made from a DAF or private foundation.

Following Donor Signature
A completed, signed copy of the pledge form is emailed to you as the UGA employee point of contact, to the donor, and to Gift Accounting. It will automatically enter Gift Accounting’s workflow where it will be reviewed and recorded in GAIL as appropriate. There is no need to send a copy of the form to Gift Accounting, although you may be contacted if there are any questions prior to recording in GAIL. 

Note: If a new fund is needed, please remember to submit a New Fund Request ticket to avoid delay.