New Tools

The Advancement Services teams have been busy creating new tools to enhance your GAIL experience! Select from the tools below to jump down to each relevant section. Annual Giving Analytics […]

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Gift Accounting: 2020 Year-end Processing

An important message regarding the UGA Foundation’s year-end gift processing deadlines:   Over the holidays, the best way for donors to be sure their gift is posted in 2020 is […]

By Eric Schmidt | News . Revenue

New Tile: Cumulative Giving Societies

A new tile has been made available on constituent records that shows membership in UGA’s Cumulative Giving Societies. This tile will be a great opportunity for fundraisers to easily identify […]

By Emily Clary | Revenue

Why We Need Non-Disclosure Agreements

Lately you may have been hearing a lot about GAIL Non-Disclosure Agreements. While they may seem like just another form, they’re actually a very important piece of the puzzle that […]

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The Dangers of Copying Event Invitations

Danger! Alert! If you are about to copy the recipients of an old event invitation into a new one, stop what you’re doing. I don’t mean to be dramatic but… […]

By Emily Clary | Events Management

Updates to the BEE Email Editor

Our beloved email editor just keeps getting better and better! Check out some of the recent updates below to step up your email design game.  1. Content Area Alignment You […]


New Fundraising Reports

You can now find up-to-the-minute fundraising totals in GAIL. These new reports draw on the best features of the monthly Development Detail Report and the Site Fundraising Report. To find […]

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Keep Your Information Secure with a Password Manager

Let’s say you have taken the next step in being more secure online. Rather than using the same password for your desktop, your Outlook email, your personal email, GAIL, and […]

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New GAIL Access Forms for Student Workers

Our student workers, graduate assistants, and interns are very helpful when it comes to updating the secure information in GAIL! However, we have made some updates to our GAIL access […]

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Requesting Registration and Giving Pages with AskIT

You’ve all come up with some pretty creative ways to engage alumni and donors in our new virtual world and we love being part of bringing them to life! Whether […]