As you know, each Initial/Return Meeting that is entered into GAIL is reviewed by a member of the Prospect Management Team, and with the help of Advancement Services, a new page has been created where you (the DO) will be able to see where in the review process your interaction is. Each of your meeting interactions will be given a status of “pending review”, “completed” or “action needed”. This page can be found by viewing yourself as a “Fundraiser” and clicking into the “Interaction Review” tab (see below).

Here’s a quick overview of how the review process will work moving forward, and don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything differently! Each Initial and Return Meeting entered into the system will automatically be given the “Pending Review” status by Prospect Management. Once we’ve reviewed the interaction, the status will change to “Completed” or “Action Needed” (in cases where additional details are needed in the body of your contact report). For contact reports that need action, you will receive an email from Prospect Management asking you to view your fundraiser page and make the necessary updates. We will then re-review and mark as “Completed” if all details have been added. **It’s important to note that Initial and Return Meetings MUST have the PM Status of “Completed” in order to be counted on the DO Activity Report and RPM Snapshot.**

See below for a sampling of what the Interaction Review page looks like. Note that you can filter on status and date, and this is also a great resource for you to see any meeting interactions that you’ve entered into GAIL. By using the drop down arrows you can go directly to the interaction to make changes or directly to the constituent’s record.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Danielle Free.