New Tools

The Advancement Services teams have been busy creating new tools to enhance your GAIL experience! Select from the tools below to jump down to each relevant section.

Annual Giving Analytics

The new Annual Giving Analytics tool is an integration of Tableau. Similarly to the BEE email editor, you will need to reenter your myID and password to access this section of GAIL. Here you can check in on your program’s dollar and donor amounts daily with helpful graphs and visualizations. Once you’ve tinkered the settings to your liking, you can subscribe and receive regular updates via email. 

Constituent ListBuilder

The new Constituent ListBuilder is also found under the Analysis functional area. This tool is a new way of viewing and sorting through your constituents all at once. Think of it as Query Lite! You have the option of adding any of the following columns to your table to sort and filter your very own constituent list. Once you find a setting you like, you don’t have to worry about recreating all your filters each time. The column settings are sticky, which means even if you log out of GAIL, they’ll stay the same until you manually change them. 

Ability calculated score


Birth month

Constituent ID

Days to next birthday

Degree area affiliation (including certs/minors) list

Degree area affiliation list

Degree area household affiliation (including certs/minors) list

Degree area household affiliation list

Echelon rating

Employer name

Ethnicity list

Formatted name


Is parent of current student?

Is UGA employee?

Is UGA grad?

Is UGA matriculate?

Is UGA postgrad? (has postgrad degree)

Is UGA retired employee?

Is UGA student?

Is UGA undergrad? (has undergrad degree)

Job title

Last interaction date

Last interaction type



Last visit date

Last visit type

Lifetime giving to Athletics recognition credit

Lifetime giving to UGA recognition credit

Lifetime New Gifts and Pledges recognition credit

Linkage calculated score

Lookup ID

Major giving EVI

Marital status

Most recent gift amount (no ATP

Most recent gift date (no ATP)


Next birthday


Prequalify level

Primary city

Primary county

Primary region code list

Primary state

Primary ZIP

Principal giving solution

Sort name

UGA score

Wealth point rating

Constituent Mapping

For a more visual representation of where to find your alumni, check out the Constituent Map. This tool allows you to filter by state, school/college, major, and graduation year to see where in the world your alumni are. Once the filters are set, the tool also generates a list where you can drill into individual constituents’ records for more information.

Fundraising Totals to Date

You can now find up-to-the-minute fundraising totals in GAIL. To find the new reports, navigate in GAIL to the Fundraising tab. You can read more about the reports and how to use them here