May 2016: New Graduates, Staff, and Deceased

The following data has been or will soon be updated and available in GAIL— May Grads, Employment and Deceased…

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Development Officer Impact Report

Do you need a quick way to check  your status with your asks, visits and interactions?  Good news!  There’s a report that will do just that!

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FY16 UGAF Year-End Closing Schedule

Please take a moment to review the fiscal year-end processing deadlines and share with appropriate staff.

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Setting Permissions on Queries

From time to time, the reporting group may need to check, edit, or help you with queries. In order to do this, it is very important that all users remember to permission all queries so that GAIL users with Query and Report access can edit them.

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Update: Exclusions in Marketing Efforts

The recently reported issue of missing Marketing Effort exclusions and solicit codes has been resolved. However, it is still advised to double check your efforts prior to sending them out, and as an added assurance, you can review exclusions in marketing efforts by running a Marketing Exclusions report.

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Acknowledgements – New Prospect Fields

Based on feedback from the Donor Relations teams’ visits across campus focused on Stewardship, new fields have been added to everyone’s Acknowledgements processes to include Prospect Manager and up to 3 Prospect Plan Managers.  These fields were added to the end of everyone’s export definition files in order to avoid interrupting any predefined merges you […]

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FY17 Cut-Off for PDF Deposit Transmittal Process

The new online Deposit Transmittal form has been introduced recently and has been adopted by several units already.  This online version is replacing the old .pdf process with a soft cut over early FY17 (July 2016).  If you have not attended training or watched the training videos (here), please sign up for a class or […]

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Revenue vs. Recognition – What’s the Difference?

Do you know the difference between revenue and recognition? Constituent revenue includes only those commitments and payments that were made personally by that constituent, and as a result, the Revenue Summary and Revenue History tabs exclude some important gifts. The complete view of a donor’s giving history is found in their Recognition Summary and Recognition History tabs.  […]

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Simplified Prospect Management Steps for Fundraisers

On the road visiting donors, or back in the office trying to manage your portfolio? Where do you start?  There are many very important items that need to be recorded in managing your prospects portfolio. With cooperation and input, a new “cheat sheet” has been created in hopes of saving you some time.

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Network Downtime Notice

Security of our electronic data is the utmost importance for all of us.  Working with UGA EITS to better secure our physical servers, we have found it necessary to move the equipment currently located at Milledge Centre to a different location. We expect 3 full days of total network downtime to relocate the production servers […]

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