Changing Default Address Processing Options

The September issue of GAIL Tips & Tricks included an article containing recommendations for selecting address processing and name format options for various communication needs in GAIL. Today we are announcing that the global address processing default for communications will be changed effective November 2, 2020. The General User Preference option will be replaced with the ASRV – Primary and Residence address processing option. As always, you will still be able to select the General User Preference within each of your communications if you so choose. The ASRV – Primary and Residence option has been proven to be the most useful for a high percentage of our system users. Please refer to the article to be sure you are selecting the best address processing option for your mailing purposes, the option you choose may change due to the different types of mailings you will be processing. Note: All address processing options in GAIL are based on postal addresses, only.

The General User Preference option allows all constituents that qualify in your selection to be included in your output file, regardless if they do not have a current postal address on their record (which appears in your files as blank Address Lines 1/2/3 also causing the user to manually remove them from your files before sending out your postal mailers). Also, the constituents in your file without a postal address, that you are manually deleting, will still be tagged in GAIL as having received your communication mailer, which is not accurate.

The General User Preference is primarily helpful for sending email communications so that every qualifying constituent is included in your output file, even those without a postal address on file. In this case, you are concerned with having an email address for your email communication. Again, all address processing options in GAIL are based on postal addresses, please keep that in mind.