Welcome New Client Services Staff!

Welcome New Client Services Staff!

The Client Services team has just expanded!  We’d like to introduce our 2 new staff members to the GAIL community!

Michael James “MJ” is the new Training & Support Specialist and will be learning the ropes over the next few months in order to start taking over all training classes and provide front-line support to our systems users.  MJ will become your point of contact for scheduling all your training needs.

Emily Clary is filling a completely new position as Client Services Associate.  Emily will be providing centralized support for all Event and Marketing Effort communications using the GAIL system.  If you need assistance setting up your Event in GAIL, pulling the mailing lists for invitations, reminders, and follow-ups’, or if you need assistance with setting up your Marketing Effort, pulling your mailing lists and setting up your segments, you can start connecting with Emily.  We are planning to partner with DAR and school/college/unit offices to assist with your GAIL communication needs.


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