Danger! Alert! If you are about to copy the recipients of an old event invitation into a new one, stop what you’re doing. I don’t mean to be dramatic but… oh wait, yes I do. Copying an old event invitation can have disastrous results for your event and department overall. 

Maybe you’ve noticed this Copy From option that’s on the Invitees page of every event invitation. It seems like the perfect way to invite the same group of people you invited to the event last year, right? Wrong.

When you copy over invitees this way, it copies everyone exactly as they appeared in the original invitation. That’s the major issue with this function. It does not take into account: 

  • Solicit codes that have been added since the original invitation
  • Constituents who have been marked as deceased since the original invitation
  • Contact information that has changed since the original invitation

So what should you do instead? How do you manage to send to the same group as last time while still excluding people with new solicit codes, who have been marked as deceased, and who have new contact information? Smart queries. 

If you’re not familiar with smart queries, we have detailed instructions for you on how to use them to pull event invitees into an event invitation as well as pull registrants or attendees into an event invitation. The Client Services team is always available to assist with this task and help you have a successful event.