The Importance of Activating Direct Marketing Efforts

The Importance of Activating Direct Marketing Efforts

Activation is the last and arguably most important step in the process of sending a direct marketing effort. We know it’s easy to forget this last step in the excitement of downloading your mailing list or sending your email, but it is imperative, both for your unit and for the integrity of GAIL as a whole, that marketing efforts are activated. Below are the two results of activation that can have the biggest impact on your unit. If you need a quick reminder of how to activate your marketing effort, check out this guide

Tags Constituent Records

Activation is the step that actually tags the records of the constituents you included in the marketing effort as recipients of the communication. Without activating, we have no record that potentially thousands of constituents received a communication from the university.

Enables Revenue Tracking

Activation is even more important when you’re sending a solicitation. If a marketing effort isn’t activated, Gift Accounting won’t be able to tie any gifts back to the effort. It will look like they came in randomly and while your unit will still receive the gift, you won’t be able to track the success of your marketing effort.

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