Before initiating NDA forms, please submit a ticket to AskIT telling us:

  • The names of the individuals you’re submitting forms for
  • The reason you want to share data with them
  • The type of data you’ll be sharing

If you are a current GAIL user...

If you are a current GAIL user with your own access to the system, you can use GAIL to locate the information you’re interested in or request data by submitting an AskIT ticket. Click here to go to the ticket system.

If you, or the person needing the data, is not a GAIL user...

On rare instances, an approved user of GAIL may supply data to an employee, volunteer, or company to use outside of the GAIL system. Please follow these instructions for completing Non-Disclosure Agreements.

  1. Ensure a non-disclosure form has been signed with that employee, volunteer, or company including their GAIL lookup ID:
  2. Ensure all data and communication about the data are sent through SendFiles, UGA’s encrypted messaging service. Sending GAIL data through email is not secure, even to other individuals with university email addresses. (Here are some instructions on how to use SendFiles.)
  3. Ensure the data are discarded once the project is complete or two weeks after receiving the data, whichever is shorter.  For vendor’s obtaining data, a full contract must be executed.

When you have signed and completed the appropriate form via DocuSign, it will be reviewed for approval and recorded in the ticket. Once approved, it will appear on the constituent’s profile under the documents and interactions tab. You can then safely share data from GAIL (through SendFiles) to this individual or company, or if you need to request data, you can do so by submitting an AskIT ticket.