Sharing GAIL Data with SendFiles

Sharing GAIL Data with SendFiles

SendFiles is UGA’s encrypted file sharing service. Please remember that as a GAIL user, you have access to sensitive information that must be protected. If you need to share data from GAIL with a vendor, volunteer, or faculty member, please first verify that the recipient has submitted a Non-Disclosure Agreement form via AskIT and ensure that all documents are sent through SendFiles, UGA’s encrypted file sharing service. SendFiles can be used by individuals with a UGA MyID or by Outside Users & Vendors.

Existing UGA MyID

1. Go to and log in with your UGA myID and password.


2. Click on Messages.

3. Click the Send Message button.

4. Fill in the Required fields and any additional notes you’d like to send to the recipient. 


5. Click Launch the Upload Wizard button. 


6. Click Add File to search for your file(s) then click the Upload button.


7. Click Send when files have been successfully uploaded.

Outside Users & Vendors

If you are a Vendor or you do not have a UGA MyID, you should use the link that you were sent to access the service initially to set up a password. After that initial access, you should use your email address and the password that you setup to access the system. Non-MyID accounts will expire 7 days after their last activity and deleted 7 days after expiration. Follow the steps below:


1. When you receive the email notification from the sender, click on the hyperlink provided. Your email address will be the Username.

2. Enter your username (email address) and click Request Password. 

3. An email with a link to create your password will be sent to you. Follow the link then enter your new password and click Change Password. 

4. Now click Go to the sign on page and log in with your new credentials. 

5. To download the data that has been sent to you, click on the email subject to open the message. 


6. Next to the file name, click download. 

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