Guidelines for Submitting Excel Files to ASKIT

Before hitting send on an email with an excel spreadsheet attached containing sensitive data, be sure you follow appropriate guidelines for keeping data safe & secure.

Step 1

You must use UGA’s approved secure email tool called SendFiles, and it must be sent directly to a Client Services team member (Cindy Bond, Eric Schmidt or Taejah Harper). The ASKIT email account will not accept SendFiles.

Step 2

Once you have sent your file via SendFiles, then you must also submit a ticket to ASKIT with details of the file name, who you sent it to, and the purpose of the mailing. Also include in the ticket if there is any specific data you need to be included in your export from the appropriate communication module.

Sensitive data can be defined as:  name + address, name + email, name + phone number, name + giving info, name + education info, etc. 

Remember that directory information is considered sensitive as defined in our UGAF policies and procedures which is another umbrella that we fall under.

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