Welcoming Your Temporary Worker to GAIL

Welcoming Your Temporary Worker to GAIL

Congratulations on hiring your student worker, intern, graduate assistant or a temporary employee! Once these temporary workers have learned the ropes, your new employee is going to be an invaluable resource for your team.

Part of your temporary worker’s responsibilities may be using GAIL to fulfill essential functions within your department. It is important to know what access they can have and what actions they’re allowed to perform within our system. This guide aims to provide a temporary worker overview as to what can be handled by student workers, graduate assistants, interns, temporary employees and what needs to be taken care of by a GAIL-trained UGA full or part-time staff member.

Please note: this article serves as a companion to certain sections of the full UGA Foundation Policies and Procedures documentation, which can be found here.


Everyone will need to complete a GAIL Access form. It will ask for information that will help establish your new temporary worker in the system. Though the form is fairly self-explanatory, here are some helpful hints:

  • Don’t forget to include employee and supervisor signatures in DocuSign. The supervisor should be the employee’s immediate supervisor as is reflected in OneSource USG.
  • For the UGA MyID, we need the same ID used to log into things like CAS, not the employee’s “810/811” number. (For newer students, the MyID is typically their initials followed by 4 or 5 numbers.)

On the GAIL form you (the employee’s supervisor) will also need to provide a written justification of what types of tasks you expect your temporary worker to be completing in GAIL. This helps determine what kinds of permissions and training the they will need! This doesn’t have to be long, just a sentence or two.

New in FY21 for Student Workers: UGA Student Workers may be granted access to GAIL as approved by their full time UGA supervisor. Student worker access is limited to in office (no telework) during identified work schedules and access must be completed using a UGA provided device only.
New in FY21 for Graduate Assistants: UGA Graduate Assistants may be granted access to GAIL as approved by their full time UGA supervisor. Access must be completed using a UGA provided device only.


Part of getting access to GAIL is getting access to the 02 Restricted VPN. GAIL contains confidential information and the VPN helps keep that information secure. VPN access cannot be completed by the employee but must instead be completed by a department head, HR liaison, or business manager by submitting this online form.


Within GAIL, every user has permissions which define the types of things they can do in GAIL. Temporary workers will be granted either one or both of the following permissions upon completion of their GAIL training. The permissions are:

View only — users with this access are able to view information in GAIL but cannot make any changes.

Update — (in addition to view) users can not only see information in GAIL but they have access to make certain changes in specific areas of the system.

GAIL Course

If you want your temporary workers to have GAIL access they need to take an entry-level GAIL course.

GAIL 101 Temporary Worker — this course consists of a 1-hour class designed to teach the basics of accessing, viewing and updating records in GAIL. It is scheduled on an as-needed basis in the eLC. When completing their access form , you’ll need to provide your new employee’s work schedule so that they can find a time to complete the course.

What Temporary Workers Can Do in GAIL

If your employee has has View only:

  • Locate basic constituent information (name, age, birthday, marital status, etc.)
  • Locate contact information
  • View educational information (degree, scholarships, involvement, etc.)
  • See employment information
  • See what mass communications and personal interactions the constituent has received

If your employee has View only and Update:

  • All of the above
  • Change basic information (such as marital info, deceased dates, name preference changes, etc.)
  • Update contact information
  • Update employment information
  • Add new interactions on behalf of full-time staff members
  • Update constituents’ mail/email preferences

If your employee has taken GAIL Communications Assistance

  • All of the above
  • Design emails in BEE (our email editor)

If your employee has taken GAIL Events Assistance

  • All of the above
  • Can update event registrations

What Temporary Workers Can Not Do...

One permission that temporary workers can’t get that some staff members may have is view query access. This means that they can’t:

  • Request lists (selections) of people to send marketing efforts to or invite to events

Though temporary workers are allowed to design event and marketing emails, they can’t:

  • Send an email marketing effort through GAIL
  • Send any event communications through GAIL
  • Send birthday cards through GAIL
  • Send any communications (including correspondence processes and ThankView)
  • Send acknowledgements letters to donors

Temporary workers can be a great help when it comes to marking event attendance in GAIL, but when it comes to events they also may not: 

  • Request event registration/donation pages through AskIT

These employees cannot process acknowledgements or donor thank you letters as they are ineligible to take this advanced-level GAIL training.

Additionally, temporary workers are not eligible for: 

Assisting Fundraisers with prospect plans and steps

Managing Membership programs


Removal of GAIL Access

GAIL access for temporary workers will end at the end of the semester it was granted for, or on their last day on the job (if that is before the end of the semester). Should they be returning for the following semester, then the supervisor will need to request that the access be extended for the following semester by emailing askit@uga.edu. When emailing, please be sure to include the employee’s full name and myID as this is how access is linked to the employee in GAIL. Alternatively, you may also receive an email from us asking if your student worker still needs access, and can request the extension by responding to this email.

Will I have to submit a new GAIL form?

Typically you will not have to submit a new form to extend access into the following semester but there are a few exceptions:

  • If access has already been removed we will need a new GAIL form to reactivate this access.
  • If the temporary worker has switched supervisors or departments, we will need a new form.

Will my employee need to retake any trainings?

If the temporary worker needs to regain their GAIL access after having it deactivated for some period of time, if their last login to GAIL was less than a year, they will not need to take a refresher training (even if they had access while working for a different department). If the last login was longer than a year they may need to attend an additional training.

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