You probably recognize this bit of content from the top of all your BEE emails. Email teaser text is the little snippet of your message that your audience will be able to see before they open your email and those few little words are extremely important!

We build this text box into all of the email templates by default for a few reasons: 

  • to remind you to set an appropriate teaser text
  • to avoid something other than teaser text showing in email clients

Common Mistakes

If you neglect to change the email teaser text before sending your BEE email, this is exactly what your constituents will see in their inboxes. It makes your email look unfinished and unprofessional, and doesn’t entice recipients to open your content. 

Let’s say you decide to avoid the issue and just delete the email teaser text from your email. 

While it seems like that might solve the problem, it will likely make things worse. An email client determines what shows in the email preview based on the first element of the email. When the teaser text box is there, we know exactly what it will say. But without it, it’s likely that an image is the first element in the email.

With the image being first, the preview text is a long permalink where the image is stored. It definitely doesn’t draw readers in and honestly looks like spam or a phishing attempt. An email that goes out like this could actually deter constituents from opening it.