There has been some confusion lately regarding how to remove constituents from various types of communications. If you’ve wondered about the differences between confidential addresses, addresses listed as “do not mail,” and solicit codes, we’re here to clear it up for you!

What you should ultimately take away from this article is that solicit codes are the only foolproof way to remove a constituent from future communications. They can be found on the Communications tab on a constituent record under Preferences. 

If you ever need to add a new solicit code on a constituent, just click Add. A pop-up will open and you’ll be able to select the appropriate code from the dropdown window, then add a start date. 

Confidential Addresses

Listing a specific address as “Confidential” in GAIL does not prevent event invitations, magazines, solicitations, etc. from being mailed to that address. The confidential indicator is used to identify information that is not to be printed in alumni directories or shared with outside parties.

Do Not Mail/Email/Call on the Contact Tab

Marking an address, phone number or email address as “do not mail/call/email” on the Contact tab in GAIL as a constituent request does not remove the constituent from mailings, calling or emails. Constituents can only be removed by using appropriate solicit codes.