Changing Primary Address Information

Changing Primary Address Information

If you are reviewing a Constituent’s record in GAIL and are certain that their Primary Address, or Primary Phone, or Primary Email address are not correct then you’ll want to Edit it so that no mail, calls or emails get delivered to that incorrect contact resource.  While it’s good to keep information current, it’s also important to mark another contact resource type as Primary so that this Constituent will still receive mail, calls, or emails to the appropriate resource.

So, for example, if you know that Mrs. Smith has moved from the Milledge Ave. address, you’ll want to Edit that particular address…(do not Delete information)


Upon choosing “Edit”, the following window will appear.  You’ll need to do several things within this window before clicking Save.  First – you’ll want to check the box for “Do not send mail to this address” and choose a “Reason” from the drop down box.


After this has been changed, it will now have a caution symbol next to it and still show as Primary.  So if you do not choose a different address record, this person will no longer receive mail from us.  However, if there is another address for this contact type, select it and choose “Set as Primary address” and click save.


These same rules and steps apply for changing Email addresses and Phone numbers.

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