When creating a postal Direct Marketing Effort, did you know you can calculate record counts ahead of time to plan for printing material and budget? Here are a few helpful tips to get you started!

After you’ve built out your marketing effort and applied the address processing options and exclusion codes, follow the steps below prior to activating your effort.

  1. In the Marketing Effort template, click Calculate segment counts then click the Start button in the next window:


  2. Click Go to… to access the main screen of your template:

  3. Click Export effort then click the Start button in the next window:

  4. After completion, click on the drop-down arrows next to your naming convention and download the data output for review:
    ***Repeat this process after any adjustments to update your record counts.

    ***If several days or weeks have passed since you exported the data and sent it to the print shop, make sure the box next to the Recalculate segment counts button is unchecked as you activate the effort. This will capture the originally calculated constituent records who did/will receive the communication.