Name Stack Option for Postal Mailings

If you have been wishing you had the option to print individual names in a stacking order on your printed mailings (as opposed to one combined Addressee), well now you do! While the Addressee field will remain in all exported excel file definitions, we can add 2 new fields so that you can select which option you wish to use when printing the mailing label or envelope. All you have to do to request these additions is to send a request to and someone will be glad to assist.

Once the Analytics & Reporting team have added these 2 new fields into your s/c/u-specific export definitions, then you can proceed with your marketing effort and/or event communications as normal. Your exported excel file will appear with the default Addressee along with the 2 newly added fields as shown in the image below.

The names in this spreadsheet are made up and provided only as a way to show examples. Also, the order in which they may appear in your files may not exactly match the order in the example below.

From your Microsoft Word Merge Envelopes document, you can use either the default Joint Formal Addressee as seen in the images to the right:

Or you can use the individual addressee options as seen in the images to the right:

    Formal Single Addressee


    Spouse Formal Single Addressee (x deceased)