In our continued efforts to enhance the user experience, The Office of Client Services is proud to offer G-Wiz, also known as the GAIL Wizard. G-Wiz is a web-based interface designed to guide users through the trickier processes in GAIL. Interactive pages and “next step” buttons will prompt you along and ensure that no stone goes left unturned. Curious? Choose your adventure below to get started.

G-Wiz is not a replacement for in class instruction. Training is required before accessing these tools or using these modules.


How can I send my constituents a newsletter, solicitation, or general correspondence?


How do I create an event in GAIL? How do I send an event invitation or save the date?


Learn how to perform common tasks in GAIL like changing names and adding new people!



Let's fundraise like the pros do with our Research and Prospect Management Guide!



Learn how to create and design stellar email content for your communications!