AskIT Ticketing System Platform Change

The Advancement Services and IT teams have been working to implement a new helpdesk/ticketing system and an unforeseen circumstance arose yesterday that forced an accelerated transition to our new platform.  Because of this rapid transition, the Advancement Services and IT teams are admittedly operating in scramble mode because not everyone is up to speed with the new platform, all workflows have not been fully defined, some internal alerts have not been fully defined, and things are different or not performing as our previous platform.

Same as with any new platform there is a vast learning curve to get things working as needed, and unfortunately we are faced with having to make the change “now”.  We anticipate the initial challenge for our teams will last a couple of weeks and everyone is committed to ensuring you continue receiving the same high level of service as we work through this accelerated transition.

Please continue to request assistance using and existing webforms, same as always.  You may notice some overall difference in the format of communications associated with ticket responses, the emails you receive may appear to originate from a different email address ( instead of, and you may also be asked to use some new web forms along the way.  Again, please continue utilizing and the webforms as you always have. 

Over the next couple of weeks, if you submit a ticket and do not receive a response in comparable time to what have previously received, please reach out to Jeff Garmon (, Taejah Harper (, and Eric Schmidt (, we will be more than happy to ensure your request didn’t fall through a gap in the workflow process as well as ensuring it has been routed to the appropriate team.