I wish there was a way to see a short video on how to do something in FAME...

We hear you and the Client Services Team has you covered! While it does not replace any of the formal training required to access FAME, you can now quickly search for all the things you learned in class through an easy to use video format, just like YouTube. 

Click here for the DAR – FAME gallery on UGA’s Kaltura platform. To visit the homescreen or learn more about Kaltura, click the logo.

Click the image below for an interactive guide for completing common tasks in FAME. Training must be completed in the eLC in order to receive access to FAME. For more information regarding training classes, please contact AskIT for assistance.

Click a link below to view the two parts of the check request process in PDF format.

Click a link below to view a list of all reports, ledger codes, and MIH codes in FAME with a description of each. 

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