NOTICE:  All FAME classes are conducted online using the eLC and you will receive training information upon submitting your FAME user access request form.

You must have a UGA MyID in order to access FAME.  This is not your 810/811 number

Do not proceed without obtaining this information first. Click here to learn more.


For quicker access, please complete Steps 2 and 3 as soon as you have submitted a form.


The first step in gaining access to FAME is to fill out an access form. This form will ask for your information, where you work, what kinds of access you need, and then some signatures from supervisors and/or deans. Please follow these instructions to complete your form.

Because FAME contains sensitive data, we have taken extra steps to make sure all of the information is kept safe. You will need to log into the 02 Restricted group of our Virtual Private Network (VPN) each time you use FAME. Department Heads, DNLs, HR liaisons, and business managers can request authorization for new employees by submitting an online request to EITS. After submitting the request, they will receive an automatic email confirming that the request has been received. This email does not mean your access has been granted. Another email will be sent in the next few business days that will confirm you have been granted access to the 02 Restricted VPN.

Archpass (Duo Mobile) is an app you will download and install on your personal mobile phone. This app allows you to unlock and access the VPN (Virtual Private Network). For instructions on how to install this app, please click here.

We’ll see you in class! All FAME classes will be conducted through the eLC

If you have not used the eLC before, you will need to request an account before you can be added to a training class. Once your access form has been processed, you will receive information on how to complete your class.

Once you’ve completed the training session, you’ll be able to access FAME any time you need it.

Please review our FAME policies before proceeding:

If you would like additional information regarding FAME access, please contact a member of the Client Services Team!