Advancement Services and DARCOMM have recently worked together to increase the number of constituents you’re able to email through GAIL by end-dating global email opt-outs (people with Do Not Email on their records) that are more than three years old. Now that these constituents have once again become potential recipients of marketing efforts and event invitations, we want to keep it that way! 

According to Campaign Monitor, the top two reasons people unsubscribe from emails are:

  1. The email content is irrelevant.
  2. The emails are too frequent.

This shouldn’t be surprising; we’ve probably all unsubscribed for one of these reasons before! In order to keep our  recently re-activated constituents from feeling this way, exclude this group from your general communications with wide audiences (think along the lines of emails that would usually be sent to your “All Living Donors” or “All Living Alumni” segments). We’ve made it simple to exclude the re-activated constituents.

For marketing efforts: The selection ASRV – Do Not Emails Ended by Global Change Added in Last Year can be used as an exclusion within the marketing effort. If you need assistance excluding an entire selection, email

For event communications: In your AskIT request, specify that the selection ASRV – Do Not Emails Recently Ended by Global Change should be excluded from your audience.