What are Solicit Codes?

When a constituent no longer wants to receive a certain type of communication from us, we enter what is called a solicit code on their constituent profile in GAIL. These are added on the preferences sub tab of the communication tab for each constituent.


To add a new solicit code, just hit the add button and in the assign solicit code box that appears, choose the code from the drop-down menu and enter a start and end date. Then hit save.

How do these codes work? Glad you asked! When creating a marketing effort or event invitation, you’ll add solicit code exclusions to the communication you’re sending out. Before the final send, GAIL will check your selection — the list of people you’re sending to — and take anyone off the list who has a solicit code that matches the exclusion you placed on your effort or event.

For example, if you’re sending out a College of Education e-newsletter you would put the following exclusion on your marketing effort:

    1. Do not email
    2. Do not email – COE – Education
    3. No University Contact

GAIL would make sure not to send this newsletter to any constituent who also had one of these 3 solicit codes on their profile.

How Long Should a Solicit Code Last?

One question that may be lingering when you’re needing to enter a solicit code on a constituent’s profile is “what should I enter for the start and end date?” It may seem like there are a lot of solicit codes (there are) but they can be organized in neat categories. For the start date you’ll always enter today’s date, and then for the end date choose the date that matches the length of time from the table below!

Length of Time Solicit Code

3 Years

Do Not Email

Do Not Email – by department


Do Not Mail

Do Not Mail – by department


Do Not Solicit

Do Not Solicit – by department


Do Not Phone


No Email Solicitation

No Mail Other Than Solicitations

No Mail Solicitation – LAW – Law

No Phone Solicitation – CAES – Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

No Phone Solicitation – ENGR – Engineering

No Spring Solicitation; Fall Only – Annual Giving

No Fall Solicitation; Spring Only – Annual Giving

5 Years

Do Not Screen – PeopleFinder/DeceasedFinder – Development

50 Years

Do Not List – Alumni Directory – PCI – Alumni Association

Do Not List – Alumni Directory & Harris – Alumni Association

No End Date

EU GDPR - Email Communications Consent

3 Years


50 years

No University Contact*

*The length of time a No University Contact solicit code is active depends on the situation it is referencing.

If the reason the constituent does not want to be contacted is innocuous (say they are going to be moving to a different country) then select 3 years.

If the situation is more serious (say the constituent suggests they want to pursue potential legal action against the university) then the 50 year end date will be more appropriate.

If you encounter a situation that warrants a No University Contact code but are unsure to the length of time, please reach out to us for assistance at askIT@uga.edu.