Annual giving includes current academic gifts within a fiscal year cycle that are repeatable in nature (i.e., feasibly renewed and/or increased from year to year) and are not payments made on major pledge commitments.

The Georgia Fund is the overarching annual giving program for the University of Georgia. Georgia Fund gifts may be designated for a specific fund or used for unrestricted campus-wide purposes. Georgia Fund solicitations are generally conducted through direct marketing (mail, phone, email, advertising, and special events) and through individual solicitation.  But annual giving also includes current gifts which cannot be attributed to annual solicitation efforts.

In GAIL, Annual Giving is more easily defined what it is not:

  • Not tied to an Opportunity on a Major Gift prospect plan (unless as an Annual Gift designation)
  • Not a Planned Gift
  • Not a Prior Year Major Gift Pledge Payment
  • Not Ticket Priority for Athletics

This is a change from what had previously been defined as an Annual Gift.  In the past, $10,000 marked the typical threshold between Annual and Major gifts.  The new policy removes the general dollar amount and better attributes fundraising efforts of prospect managers who create and implement effective prospect plans and gift opportunities.