GAIL Users, in our continued efforts to enhance the overall GAIL experience, the Office of Client Services is proud to announce that G-Wiz is live! G-Wiz is a web-based interface that guides users through the marketing effort and event communications process. By answering a few questions, users will be shown specific instructions based on their needs. To access G-Wiz, navigate to the GAIL resources website and click on the G-Wiz button at the top of the page.

As G-Wiz has just been launched, please keep in mind that there may be several navigation and design changes in the upcoming months, including the addition of the event communications guide. Your patience is greatly appreciated! If you have suggestions on how the user experience can be enhanced, or just want to give general feedback, please email

Because every new process has a learning curve, please take a moment to watch the video below for an overview of G-Wiz’s navigation and functionality…

What is G-Wiz?

G-Wiz description video