Wealth Screens: New Security Roles

Wealth Screens: New Security Roles

Since the introduction of GAIL in July of last year, processes have been put in place to populate the Wealth Screens currently within GAIL for all matched constituents in our database.  We have selected WealthPoint to provide this information and matching criteria.  With the introduction of detailed wealth information into GAIL, we are going to create a new security role to restrict viewing of wealth screens.  Currently users can view these screens but only model scores are populated.  With this change, some users will be losing access to model score information.  The Office of Advancement Research, will be the only group allowed to view and edit the wealth information in GAIL.  For all other employees, a select group of individuals (Development Directors and some support staff) have been selected to view this information.  To gain access, employees will need to be approved and then trained by the Office of Advancement Research.

The solution is designed to restrict the access to wealth information to only those employees that need to know (Research, Development Directors, some of Central Development and Advancement Services) and sets a realistic timetable for Research to train users before they receive access.

Proposed Timeline:

  • ​​July 1 – Give Edit and Viewing rights to the Office of Advancement Research and view access to selected Office of Advancement Services employees once the information is in GAIL.
  • July 1 to August 1 – Research and Advancement Services will conduct a selective audit on the data and give the approval to proceed to the next phase.
  • July 15 – Office of Advancement Services will schedule training of employees to be added to the new “Wealth Screen” role.
  • August 1 – Begin training with the approved employees.  The Office of Advancement Research in coordination with the Office of Advancement Services will train the “Wealth Screen” users on how to effectively use the data and the general warnings with the use of the information.  Only after this training will users be given access to the wealth screens.

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