Want to get into GAIL? Reeher? OneSolution? You’ll first need to log in to the 02 Restricted VPN, or virtual private network. Why? Having these systems on the University’s VPN adds an additional layer of security, keeping the information within them safe from unauthorized eyes.

If you’ve never used the 02 Restricted VPN before you’ll need a few things in place before you first login:

Example email from EITS about 02 Restricted VPN access.

Access to the VPN is handled by EITS, so should you have any questions about any of these prerequisites it’s best to reach out to their help desk. There are many ways to get in touch with them and they’re always very helpful and friendly!

I'm ready. Let's log in!

First step is to locate and open the Cisco AnyConnect program on your computer. (Not sure where you installed the program? If you’re on a Windows 10 PC, hit the Windows key on your keyboard and start typing Cisco.)

When the program opens, it should say “ready to connect” with remote.uga.edu in the text field (if the text field is blank you can type this in). Hit the connect button!

In the login box that appears you’ll have to do four things:

  1. Change the group drop-down from 01 Default to 02 Restricted.
  2. Type your UGA MyID in the username field.
  3. Type the password associated with your MyID in the first password field.
  4. For the second password open up the DUO app on your smart phone. You can either:
    • Type the word push into the second password field and hit the OK button, this will send a notification to your cell phone, approve the notification (quickly, you have about 10s) and you’ll be logged in.
    • Or, enter the six-digit numerical code from the Duo app into the second password field (no space) and hit the OK button and you’ll be logged in.

If you don’t have smart phone or don’t want to use the DUO app, you have the option to send yourself a text message (instruction about this process can be found here) or give yourself an authentication phone call.