Vertical Alignment in BEE

Vertical Alignment in BEE

Say goodbye to unevenly sized columns in BEE! Thanks to the new Vertical Align feature, columns within a single row can now be aligned along a vertical axis.

The Vertical Align property improves the readability and layout of the content displayed. It controls how elements are lined up when set next to each other. Users now have more control over the arrangement of elements in multi-column designs, which results in an improved user experience. Vertical Align eliminates the need for workarounds when content is unevenly distributed in rows.

Users may select from top, middle, or bottom alignment options to align the content in any row containing two or more columns.

Interested in learning more about Vertical Alignment? Click here to read more on how this feature can enhance your emails.

Credit: Nathan Amthor of BEE Plugin

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