The copy from option lets you remove invitees who have either registered or declined your event from receiving reminder invitations. While this can be a useful tool in some scenarios, there are a few things to consider…

The copy from button is located on your invitees screen within your event. You can get to this page by clicking on the name of your communication in your Invitation tab.

  1. When copying your selection(s) from a previous invitation, your constituents will not be refreshed. This means that any new donors, alums, etc, will not be brought in. 
  2. New solicit codes are also not considered. This means that if someone opted out of receiving communications from your last invitation, they will still receive this newest communication.
  3. New contact information is considered. If one of your invitees recently got a new mailing address or email, your newest communication will send to the updated contact address.

If you would like to send a second wave reminder invitation to all your invitees who have not responded, please email and request a new selection to be made. This will ensure that your next communication will be sent to the appropriate group of constituents.