Our beloved email editor just keeps getting better and better! Check out some of the recent updates below to step up your email design game. 

1. Content Area Alignment

You now have the ability to customize your emails even further with the new content area alignment option.

Pro-tip: For a personal touch, align the body to the left for simpler emails that resemble Outlook messages.

2. Reverse Stack on Mobile

Yet another option for optimizing the mobile version of your beautiful email! Select an entire row to access this setting. It is best utilized when you have multiple columns of content within the row. 

3. Dynamic Column Sizes

You now have much more freedom over the sizes of your side-by-side columns. With a row selected, you’ll now see a section to Customize Columns. Here you can click and drag the dotted divider to adjust the column widths OR change the values. The content will automatically be resized for you.