Recently, we made a few tweaks to how educational information is being displayed on constituents’ profiles. The education (custom) info tile now shows you a little more detail, and the education tab has some rearranged columns so you don’t have to quite as much scrolling to find the information you need. Sometimes it’s all about those little quality of life improvement to make your GAIL time run a little smoother!

What's new on the education info tile?

You’ll still be able to see all of the information you could previously see on the education tile, but some of it has moved around. The year of graduation is now posted next to status to make room for the degree area that’s now at the bottom of the tile.

If you don’t have the education (custom) info tile on profiles in your personalized version of GAIL, you can easily add them. Head to any constituent’s profile and in the bottom corner of the info tiles section will be link that says customize with a cog icon.

In the customize individual constituent summary tiles box that appears, find education (custom) from the list on the left and move it to the right side using the right arrow between the two lists of info tiles. Then hit save.

The profile page will refresh and the new tile appear with others. Conveniently, it will appear on any constituent’s profile you look at! You don’t have to add on everyone’s page you come across!

Degree area on the education tab has moved

One other small, but very user-friendly update to educational information is the relocation of the degree areas column in the education section of the education tab on constituent profiles. Previously, you had to scroll all the way to the right to get that degree area info, but now it’s been moved up next to the campus column so you shouldn’t have to do much, if any, scrolling to find it.

These changes will be especially useful for identifying if the constituent received a degree that used to be housed under a different school or college.