UGAF – Pledges by Site Report

UGAF – Pledges by Site Report

If you find yourself wishing there was a report that would allow you to easily view pledge information, you’re in luck! The UGAF – Pledges by Site report has two main purposes:


  • Allows you to see all pledges booked to a site in a selected date range.
  • Allows you to see only the outstanding pledges for a particular site and in the specific date range selected.

The most direct route for finding this report is to click into the Revenue functional area. This report can be found under the Custom Reports section.


Enter the desired date range, site, and type then click View Report.


*Please ensure that a Non-Disclosure Agreement has been signed before sharing information with an individual or vendor outside of GAIL. When sharing data all documents must be sent through the SendFiles application.
Once the appropriate mandatory forms have been received, then you may use UGA’s secure file transmittal method of SENDFILES. Do not ever send GAIL data through regular email as it is not secure by any means.   

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