UGA Score and Campaign Giving Info Tiles

UGA Score and Campaign Giving Info Tiles

Recently, the new UGA Score was unveiled to assist in fundraising efforts and prospect identification and research. This new score can now be added to a constituent’s profile as an info tile so you can see it right away when you land on a profile page. The Reeher metric MG EVI is also posted (if available) on this info tile; two scores for the price of one tile! (Here’s a recap of MG EVI if you need one.)

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the UGA Score info tile there’s also a brand new campaign giving info tile that will show you a constituent’s total revenue and recognition over the course of the Commit to Georgia campaign. (Here’s a recap of revenue and recognition, too.) Customize your GAIL experience by placing either or both of these new tiles on your profiles. Find out how below!

What is the UGA Score?

Debuting on March 25th, the new UGA Score combines the linkage and ability¬†values from the LAIT score — the L and the A — that you may already be familiar with. Both linkage and ability are scored out of 25, so combined the new UGA Score has a maximum value of 50. Each score range is then assigned a letter grade from A to E. Here are the ranges:

36 to 50
30 to 35
25 to 29
20 to 24
0 to 19

The purpose of the UGA Score is to assist in the identification of new major gift prospects in addition to help prioritize those already in your portfolio by having a familiar, recognizable letter scale assigned to each prospect. If you’d like more information about this score, check out this document for some more in-depth descriptions of each range, read this article for a refresher about how LAIT scores breakdown, or email the prospect management team!

How to add new info tiles to constituent profiles

To add the UGA Score or campaign giving info tiles (or any other info tile for that matter) to a constituent’s profile simply follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to any constituent’s profile
  2. In the top “overview” section of the profile — where other info tiles are displayed — find the button off to the right labelled customize tiles with a tiny gear icon next to it.
  3. This will bring up the customize tiles dialog box with two columns; everything in the right column is already displaying on the profile, everything on the left column is what can be added. Find which new tile you’d like to add in the left column.
  4. When you’ve selected the new info tile to be added, use the single right arrow (second button down) from the arrow buttons between the two columns to move the option to the right column.
  5. Hit save.

Whatever info tiles you add to or remove from one person’s constituent profile will show on everyone’s constituent profile, so you don’t need to add, for example, the UGA score to every prospect’s profile you work with in GAIL.