Tips for Submitting an AskIT Ticket

Tips for Submitting an AskIT Ticket

NOTE: The helpdesk ticketing system in this article may look different as we begin our transition to TeamDynamix. Once this change goes into effect, you will see a notice when you attempt to submit a request through ASKIT. The link provided in that notice will take you to TeamDynamix where you can submit your request. If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of the Client Services team.

Need help with GAIL but not sure who to ask? We’ve got you covered with the AskIT ticketing system. Select the nature of your request from the options below to jump to that section.

When you just know you need help…

We’re here for you! If your question or request doesn’t fit into any of the other Help Topics, just choose GAIL – Support. We’ll help get you connected to the right team. 

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Requesting a New Selection

Help Topic: Reporting and Query / New Query or Selection Request

Any request for a new selection will go to our Reporting & Analytics team. Their typical turnaround time for a new selection is 2-3 business days. 

When requesting a new selection, it’s important to give as much detail as possible! A great request would look something like this:

“I would like a selection of all TCOB Alumni including graduates and matriculates who have a major, minor or certificate living in the Athens area. Please use the predefined Region code. I will be sending mailed invitations through the Events module. The event is in September, but I am planning to mail the invitations around July 15th.

Could you please include the following fields in the
excel file: Gail ID, Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Degree, Major, Class Year, TCOB Cumulative Giving Total, UGA Cumulative Giving Total,
TCOB, FY19 Giving Total”

If you’re not sure what kind of information can be used to create a selection, the query team is always happy to talk you through a request!

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Refreshing an Existing Selection

Help Topic: Reporting and Query / Selection Refresh

If you want to use an existing selection again, it might need to be refreshed by the Reporting & Analytics team before you press send. They provide same day turnaround for refreshing/updating existing selections.

Not sure how to tell if your selection needs to be refreshed? Check out this flowchart. 

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Records Updates

Help Topic: GAIL (CRM/BBIS) / Alumni Records – Updating Data

This area is currently undergoing construction to include prompts to help you give the Constituent Management team all the info they need on the first go-around. Stay tuned, and for now, give as much detail as possible regarding the updates you would like them to make in GAIL.

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Creating Event Registration Pages

Help Topic: GAIL (CRM/BBIS) / GAIL Event Registration Setup

We have an entire blog post related to requesting event registration pages. Read it here.

Before you request a registration page, your event must be set up in GAIL and have at least one registration option. If it is a paid event, the registration options must be approved by the gift accounting team ( before a page can be created. 

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Editing Event Registration Pages

Help Topic: GAIL (CRM/BBIS) / GAIL Event Registration Edit

If you just need an edit made to an existing registration page, all you’ll need to include in your ticket are the page URL and a description of the changes you would like to make.

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Creating Donation Pages

Help Topic: GAIL (CRM/BBIS) / Donation Pages

Donation pages can be created for your specific funds. Be sure to include the fund number in your request.

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