Tips for Address Processing and Name Format Options

Do you find yourself needing to send communications to a person’s residential address even though they may have their business address selected in GAIL as their primary address?

No problem! You can use the Address Processing option called ASRV – Residence and Primary Address to accomplish this goal, and there’s no need to change the settings on their GAIL contact tab.

Likewise, if you need to send communications to a business address, you can use the option called ASRV – Business and Primary.

You can choose a Name Format option to correlate best with the type of mailing you are producing

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Adamson

Dr. and Mrs. Ben Baker

The Honorable and Mrs. Clay Carter II

Ms. Dani and Mr. Daniel Davis

The Honorable Evelyn Eggers

Reverend Finn F. Finnegan

Lt. Col. Gary Garrison

Mr. Haydon Hudson and Ms.  Hannah Hudson

Click here for a helpful chart of options for both Address Processing and Name Format options. Remember, you can adjust these on each one of your mailings, depending on the method and purpose of your communication (email, postal, business vs. residence, etc.).