Who is on the Research & Prospect Management Team?

Meet RPM, that’s Research and Prospect Management if you didn’t know! This group of wonderful individuals lives to make your prospect research and portfolio management dreams a reality! But who are they exactly?

  • Matthew Alexander, Development Analyst
  • Ian Buchanan, Development Analyst
  • Danielle Free, Senior Director of Prospect Management
  • Dajana Guerrero, Prospect Management Specialist
  • Kayla Hembree, Associate Director of Research
  • Laura Hix, Associate Director
  • Ryan Kelly, Development Analyst
  • Tanner Knox, Prospect Management Specialist
  • Matthew McCauley, Development Analyst
  • LaTonya Moore, Administrative Associate
  • Nedra Newton-Rosario, Executive Director of Research & Prospect Management
  • David Ornelas, Prospect Management Specialist
  • Holly Weimer, Associate Director of Prospect Management
  • Katalina Williams, Prospect Management Specialist
  • Prisca Zacarria, Senior Director of Prospect Development

If you want to get to know the team members a little more, here are some fun facts about them!

Matthew: “My fun fact is I lived in Vietnam for 8 months and I can speak intermediate Vietnamese or rather Tiếng Việt: Anh đã sống cho 8 tháng ở Việt Nam và nói một chút Tiếng Việt (no, I did not google translate that).”
Ian Buchanan, Development Analyst
Danielle: “My interesting fact is that I own a small catering company!”
Dajana: “I can read and write Cyrillic script.”
Kayla: “I lived in a tiny home for almost three years!”
Laura: “I like to spend time with my husband and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I collect many things including antique pottery.”
Ryan: “My fun fact is my family owns a Bar-B-Que restaurant, and I don’t like Bar-B-Que.”
Tanner: “An interesting fact about myself is I am an avid fossil collector, focusing on prehistoric shark teeth.”
Matthew McCauley, Development Analyst
LaTonya Moore, Administrative Associate
Nedra: “My interesting fact is that I was featured on the cover of IBM computer sales magazine while in high school. IBM was a sponsor for my high school computer lab.”
David: “I wear my socks inside out.”
Holly: “Both my girls’ middle names are after former Chicago Cubs baseball players.”
Katalina: “I was born at 2:22 in the morning, on 2/22, on my Mom’s birthday!”
Prisca: “On August 9th, 2017, after many years of living in the Unites States, I became an American citizen. I was among 129 new Americans from 49 different countries who took the Oath of Allegiance.”

What does the Research & Prospect Management Do?

Research and Prospect Management are two sides of the same coin, two halves of one delicious Oreo of prospect assistance. The first branch of RPM is research. This team will help you get the information you need to qualify your prospects, go out on visits, or anything else it takes to make sure you’re fully informed and ready execute your giving plans with your prospects. If you need up-to-date info about a constituent, all you have to do is submit a research request detailing what you’re looking for! But that’s not all! This team is also responsible for conducting proactive research and offering up prospect referrals to development officers. They’ll conduct research on undiscovered stars in our alumni and donor pool. Then they’ll reach out to the development officer who they think could make the most of this new addition to their portfolio!

The second branch of RPM is prospect management. If you have portfolios and plans, prospect management is here to help! They’ll sit with you to develop strategies to engage your prospects or help get plans moving again if they’ve stalled out. They’ll do this through quarterly portfolio reviews or one-on-one tune up sessions, or even over the phone if you have a quick question! The prospect management team wants you to have the best portfolio you can have, be able to utilize all the fundraising aspects of GAIL, and have well thought out, effective plans, steps, and strategies, so that you can focus on engaging with your prospects in ways that are going to truly delight them!

Why is Having an Research & Prospect Management Team Important?

The Research and Prospect Management team is a partnership between development teams across campus and central development here at Milledge Center. This partnership allows RPM to get a broader picture of development across campus so they can advise and strategize with individuals based not only on what they need, but in the context of others’ efforts as well. For example, an opportunity to collaborate may arise between two schools based on development officer conversations with RPM and the RPM team can connect those people. Similarly, the research team, through their proactive research and referral approach, can help development officers make new connections with prospects that may have never otherwise come up on their radar. Tracking down info about our alumni and donors can often be a resource-intensive task; our researchers can free-up a development team’s valuable time by providing this service, so they can instead turn their attention to offering an exceptional experience for the prospect based on the top-notch research and strategy.

Interesting Stats from RPM!

What would the Research & Prospect Management Team Like People to Know?

Here are 3 things team RPM want to make sure people understand about who they are and what they do:

  • While the RPM will help you clean-up and fine tune your portfolio, they are not the GAIL police ready to penalize and reprimand for not filling out a certain field on a certain GAIL popup box. Rather than being reactive, their job is to provide a proactive partnership with development officers. They want to answer questions like, how can we move this plan forward? What’s the best strategy for this individual? What information do you need to qualify this constituent and advance to the next stage with them?
  • Got a question or need guidance on a plan specific strategy or info you’re seeing in your research request? Don’t feel as though you have to wait for the quarterly review to get the answers you need. You can reach out to the Research and Prospect Management team whenever you need to. (See the next section to find out how!)
  • The RPM team members are scheduling gymnasts and more than happy to be flexible to your schedule and your needs. If something comes up, if your calendar is crammed with back-to-back visits, that’s okay, RPM will make it work for the times and locations that make sense for you.

How Can I Get in Touch?

If you’ve got general questions for RPM you can reach out to the following people:

  • Nedra Newton-Rosario, Executive Director of Research & Prospect Managementnedra11@uga.edu
  • Prisca ZaccariaSenior Director of Prospect Development (Research)prisca@uga.edu
  • Danielle Free, Senior Director of Prospect Managementbda92087@uga.edu

If you’re a major gift officer (or any development officer) you can also reach out to your specified liaisons listed below.

Site RPM Liaisons



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Grad School


Site RPM Liaisons





Parents & Family


Planned Giving

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Public Health


Social Work


Student Affairs


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