Team Spotlight: Reporting & Analytics

Team Spotlight: Reporting & Analytics

Who are the members of the Reporting & Analytics team?

Reporting & Analytics is made up of 3 team members: (Left to Right) Olivia Engesser (Manager), Daynes Parker, and Guillermo Ledezma.


Team Fun Facts:

  • Olivia is a book collector. The oldest book in her collection is a first edition set of Plutarch’s Lives from the 1800’s.
  • Daynes worked as a Little League baseball and softball umpire in high school.
  • Guillermo owns a collection of over 40 Polaroid cameras.


What does the Reporting & Analytics team do?

  • They create selections. These are the target audiences being reached by our GAIL marketing efforts and event communications.
  • They also create prospect lists for fundraisers. If you’re traveling to a particular region and want a list of other donors you can visit while you’re there, contact Analytics!
  • Finally, they provide giving data.


Why is having a Reporting & Analytics team important?

  • They help you navigate a vast amount of information. GAIL is a large system with tons of data. If you’re interested in looking at a specific area of information, Analytics can help!
  • They are experts in their field. 
  • They provide more accurate data selection criteria. After sending a data request to Analytics, you may receive a follow-up email from them with additional questions. This does not mean that you submitted your request incorrectly. The Analytics team just wants to make sure that they are pulling the most accurate data for your needs.


Where does the Reporting & Analytics team get all their information?

  • We’ve all heard the phrase, “If it isn’t in GAIL, it didn’t happen.” For the Analytics team, this is the truth! They pull all of their selections and data from the information found in GAIL. So if you want a selection of every alumnus who participated in a particular club while attending UGA, that data needs to be added to GAIL. If you want to know the number of constituents who attended your events throughout the semester, you need to make sure those constituents have been marked accordingly.


What does the Reporting & Analytics team want GAIL users to know?

  • The Analytics team is more than happy to help you gather data and answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact them!
  • When requesting data from the Analytics team, please keep in mind that they provide information to and assist all 700+ GAIL users. Requests are processed on a first come first serve basis.
  • If you are planning on sending an email or mail communication, Analytics will not provide you with a spreadsheet full of contact information. They will send you the name of a selection to pull through a marketing effort or event.


How can I contact the Reporting & Analytics team?

  • You can reach the Analytics team via the ASKIT ticket system. From the GAIL website, choose “request help” and then change the help topic to “reporting and query request.”


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