Team Spotlight: Office of Special Events (OSE)

Team Spotlight: Office of Special Events (OSE)

Meet The Team

Nine team members make up the Office of Special Events (OSE). Check out each of their roles below:

  • Elizabeth Beckett, Executive Director 
  • Melanie Ruffner Vollmer, Assistant Director 
  • Chrisula Maragakis, Associate Director
  • Anna Gray, Event Manager
  • Karen Senkbeil, Event Manager 
  • Darbie Marchman, Event Manager 
  • Wendy Johnson, Event Support Specialist 
  • Kasey Bilik, Administrative Specialist 
  • Cynthia Casey, Administrative Associate 

What Does OSE Do?

The mission of the Office of Special Events is to design, develop, and manage special events that showcase the University of Georgia’s Excellence and promote advocacy and support for UGA.

The Office of Special Events coordinates an average of 130 events annually and has dual reporting structure to the Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations and to the President of the University. Primarily, all events planned and coordinated by the unit are institutional events and are hosted by the President.  

OSE’s mission complements and supports the broader mission of the Division to integrate its major functions, development, alumni relations, and career services, with the academic mission of the University and to serve its faculty, students, alumni, and the citizens of Georgia.  Events coordinated by the Office of Special Events cultivate relationships, recognize outstanding faculty and donors, foster community engagement, and showcase the University.  These events include but are not limited to: Faculty and Staff Recognition Events, Student Recognition Events, Development Events, Community Outreach Events, Academic Ceremonies, and Board Meetings.

Fun Facts About OSE!

Interested in learning more about OSE? They’ve each shared not one, but two interesting facts about themselves! Try bringing up these topics to break the ice during your next conversation. 

a.) First concert you ever went to?

b.) If you didn’t work in events, what else would you do?

Elizabeth Beckett

a.) Huey Lewis & the news with opening act Tiffany

b.) News Anchor and teach Jazzercise on the side 

Chrisula Maragakis

a.) Posion

b.) Flight Attendant 

Melanie Ruffner Vollmer

a.) New Kids on the Block

b.) Film Costume Designer 

Wendy Johnson

a.) Brooks and Dunn/Kenny Chesney

b.) Makeup Artist or Hair Stylist 

Anna Gray

a.) Trisha Yearwood

b.) Work in a museum

Darbie Marchman

  a.) Dave Mathews Band 

b.) Work in a bookshop or library

Karen Senkbeil

a.) Train

b.) Physical Therapist 

Kasey Bilik

a.) Snoop Dogg and Linkin Park

b.) Museum Curator  

Cynthia Casey

a.) Tim McGraw

b.) Graphic Designer

How To Get In Touch

Have a question for the Office of Special Events? Please email us at

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