Team Spotlight: Finance and Human Resources

Who We Are

They’re the hiring gurus and budget balancers of Development and Alumni Relations. You may walk past their upstairs suite in 1PP from time to time, or even receive their job listings through the DAR listserv. But, who are they exactly?

  • Emily Czaplinski – Senior Director of Finance and Human Resources

  • Scarlett Hart – Associate Director of Human Resources

  • Brian Strickland – Associate Director of Human Resources Data & Analytics

  • Jackie Holladay – Human Resources Specialist

  • Stephanie Harrison – Associate Director of Finance

  • Pansy Bond – Senior Budget Analyst

  • Tonya Witcher – Senior Budget Analyst

What We Do

The Finance and Operations team is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating operational and financial activities for the Division, including developing policies and procedures, assisting with developing and achieving unit or departmental goals and objectives, and assists with departmental financial success through:

  • Preparing, reviewing, and approving revenue and expense transactions for each DAR unit
  • Managing budget activity in UGA and UGAF financial systems and ensuring timely expense and budget reporting for each DAR unit
  • Regularly monitoring day to day operations and procedures and collaborating with all units for problem solving and recommendations for operational improvements

The HR team is responsible for administering and coordinating the employee relations, position classification, and compensation aspects of human resources for the Division and serves as the division human resources liaison to campus and UGA Human Resources through:

  • Collaborating and strategizing to determine unit needs and priorities for current vacancies, compression situations, equity adjustments, promotions, succession planning, and employee retention
  • Providing consultation, direction, and coordination of all documentation required by UGA HR to create, post, reclassify, modify, and hire division positions
  • Providing assistance and advising on equal opportunity or employee relations matters
  • Regularly monitoring day to day payroll and human resource procedures and collaborating with all units for problem solving and recommendation for improvements

Get to Know Us

You know what they do, now get to know them even better with some fun facts they’ve shared!

Emily: “Over the years I’ve gotten to go with my husband to concerts where he has handled the merchandise. I got to go backstage at a Diana Ross concert at Chastains, but everyone was told to not look at her when she walked by.  However, at a Dickey Betts Band concert, I got to go backstage and meet the band and Dickey tried to get my number.”

Scarlett: “I love to binge watch ‘My Lottery Dream Home’ and imagine what I would do if it were me in their shoes, but I don’t even take the time to play the lottery.”

Brian: “My mom is from Germany and my 93 year old grandfather still lives there (plus lots of aunts and uncles and cousins). I remember fishing in the Elbe river with my uncle growing up and seeing armed guards on the wall separating East and West Germany.”

Jackie: “In a previous job, one of my coworkers said that the Beach Boys were upstairs for interviews. We raced to the elevator, but when we got upstairs, they were gone.  I got back on full elevator and I’m telling my friend ‘I always miss out. I can’t believe I didn’t see the Beach Boys.’  She didn’t say a word, and when we got off elevator, she looked at me and said that was the Beach Boys in the elevator with us. When the door was closing they waved.”

Stephanie: “I spent the first 15 years of my career working in television at a CBS Affiliate in Toccoa, GA. I started out operating cameras for live newscasts and working in the control room, but eventually ended up in the front office doing HR, programming and assisting the advertising sales team. I’ve met some really cool people along the way, including some Grady Grads who were just starting their tv news careers!”

Tonya: “I’m super funny and like to see people smile.”

Pansy: “Back in the day, we always went camping with Steve’s parents and where we stayed had a swimming pool. We worked hard all day to get about 8 of us cousins on an inner tube. When we finally were able to get everyone on, one of the cousin’s husband came barreling down from the campground and jumped in and knocked us all off. We were banned from the pool and never went back.”

What We'd Like You to Know

Our goal is to provide great customer service to all DAR units in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  We understand the frustrations that can come with the policies and procedures in place at the USG, UGA and DAR levels, but we also understand the importance that they hold and how they impact each of our responsibilities.  We hope we can collaborate and help you navigate those hurdles to achieve the best desired outcomes for DAR. 

How to Contact Us

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