Donor Relations and Stewardship (DRS) sustains and nurtures relationships with University of Georgia donors through cultivation. The four pillars of our office, acknowledgment, stewardship, recognition, and engagement, foster a stronger interest in future support. We ask the important question, “How do you turn donors into loyal supporters?” We believe the answer is an effective “thank you.”

Donor-centered fundraising is accomplished through timely and appropriate gift acknowledgement, transparent investment and impact reporting, meaningful recognition of support, special communications, and enhanced engagement based on the unique needs of the donor. By instilling trust, we ensure that our donors have had a pleasant, enriching experience with the University of Georgia. This better prepares our fundraisers next “ask” and turns one-time gifts into a lifetime of support.

In honor of the 2021 Olympic Games, we asked our Donor Relations experts what activity they’d win a gold medal for. Check out their answers and get all their contact info below!

Tony Stringer

Senior Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship

Gold Medal Winner for “Quick Wittedness”

Jordan Dotson

Associate Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship

Gold Medal Winner for “Netflix and Chill”

Melissa Lee

Assistant Director of Donor Reporting and Communications

Gold Medal Winner for “Sharing My Opinions”

Lauren Schlesinger

Assistant Director of Scholarship Stewardship

Gold Medal Winner for “Going off on Tangents”

Callie Choe

Presidential Stewardship Coordinator

Gold Medal Winner for “Possessing Unnecessary Trivia Knowledge”

Shearron Hamlin

Presidential Stewardship Coordinator

Gold Medal Winner for “Birthing Babies during a Pandemic”

Caitlin Lacey

Donor Relations Coordinator

Gold Medal Winner for “Tidiness”