Who are the members of the Client Services team?

Cindy Bond (pictured right) is the Client Services General Manager.

What you should know about Cindy: she has been with UGA for 22 years, enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 sons, and loves trips to the lake, camping, beach vacations, and everything wrestling.

Emily Clary (pictured center) is the Client Services Associate.

What you should know about Emily: she volunteers with the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind and loves going to concerts at the Georgia Theatre.

MJ (Michael James, pictured left) is the Training & Support Specialist.

What you should know about MJ: he is originally from the UK, used to be a special education teacher at Clarke Middle, and is attending GA Tech for graduate school.

What does the Client Services team do?

The Client Services team offers support to the users of the GAIL, Reeher, OneSolution, and Advizor systems. They do this by…

  • Teaching introductory and advanced level classroom training sessions
  • Providing on-going assistance for teams across campus and the projects they are working on that utilize these systems
  • Offering workshops and consultations
  • Answering user support questions via phone, email, and live chat
  • Generating useful training materials (videos, PDFs, interactive guides, how-to WordPress articles)
  • Keeping users in-the-know about system updates through the GAIL Steering Committee, newsletters, and blog posts

… and generally doing whatever we can so that our clients can be successful! 

Why do we need a Client Services Team?

The Client Services team is often the first point of contact for staff members using GAIL, Reeher, OneSolution, or Advizor, as they conduct the introductory trainings for these systems. Through trainings Advancement Services can communicate specific vocabulary, best practices, useful new features and information, and policy guidance.

We are also aware that teams use our supported products often in vastly different ways and that an introductory 3-hour class is just the beginning of what users need. That’s why on-going support, consultations, workshops, online resources, and upper-level classes, are also vital to the experience. Through this model we can focus on making these systems work for you so you can focus on working with your constituents!

Gimme some numbers!

  • There are currently 588 GAIL users and over 400 active OneSolution users trained by Client Services.
  • We have 367 blog posts and counting on our resources site to teach and inform our users.
  • We offer 13 different trainings so you can go as in-depth as you need on any of our supported products.
  • This year alone we have assigned over 1,900 in the AskIT ticket system so that users can get the answers they need from the right person.
  • We’ve conducted 8 on-site department consultations in 2019 so far, with more to come!

3 things the Client Services team wants you to know

  1. Our sole focus is to help you get the most out of our technologies so you can do what you do with all the tools at your disposal. We see our mission as a support role, so through all our interactions with our users our goal is not to police but to assist.
  2. Don’t feel as though you have to rush through your trainings! We offer multiple classes every month so you’re never going to miss out or be behind. Learning a system like GAIL is going to take time, you can’t game the learning process so don’t stress about the pace – go at your own speed.
  3. We are always open to your feedback and suggestions. Some of the best customizations to our systems have come from users, so any time you’re using GAIL, OneSolution, etc., and think I wish I could do this thing, send that thought our way. Your idea could be the next great improvement to all our users’ lives!

How to get in touch with Client Services

If you see this icon (GAIL site, bottom right) you can live chat with us!
All of our email and phone contact information can be found on the Client Services link.
You can submit an AskIT anytime and we'll get an answer for you as soon as possible!

To reach the Client Services team:

  • Live chat us! It’s our newest and most popular feature and can be found in the bottom right corner of the GAIL resources site by clicking the speech bubble.
  • Phone (706.542.8188) or email (askit@uga.edu).
  • If you’re looking for a specific team member’s contact info, check our Client Services link on the home page.
  • Submit an AskIT ticket – all we need is your name, email address, and question and we’ll get back to you with an answer as quickly as possible.
  • Stop by our offices! If you’re in Milledge Center, we’re in Suite 250. Come say hey!

Whichever way you use to reach out is fine by us. We don’t have a preference, we just want it to be as easy as possible.