Who are the members of the Application Support team?

Application Support is made up of 4 team members: Tanya Crowe Boles, Daniel Johnson, Chuck Griffin, and Greg Harmelink (Manager).


Team Fun Facts:

  • Greg wrote a song which was featured on the soundtrack for the movie My Boss’s Daughter.
  • Tanya volunteers for UGA’s CERT program as a mass casualty victim.
  • Daniel is a UGA alumnus who majored in music performance.
  • Chuck formally worked at the Chuck FM radio station as a traffic reporter.


What does the Application Support team do?

  • They create all those awesome GAIL customizations and enhancements. Do you ever see a new feature in GAIL and you think “Wow! That’s going to make my job so much easier.” Thank the Application Support team! New additions to GAIL include things like web applications (ex. online payroll deductions) and external integrations.
  • They create GAIL event registration pages. This frees up a lot of your time and keeps you from having to track invitees via spreadsheet.
  • They create Foundation donation pages. A special fundraising project deserves its own web page!


Why is having an Application Support team important?

  • They drive the evolution of GAIL. GAIL has changed A LOT in the last few years. None of the changes that make our jobs easier would be possible without this team.
  • They can assist with your specific needs. Every school, college, and unit across campus operates a little differently. That’s ok! No request is too big or small.
  • They connect multi-group projects. Some customizations require lots of input from multiple teams. They’ll make sure everyone involved stays informed.


What does the Application Support team want GAIL users to know?

  • They are here to help. Do you have some ideas about GAIL that you’ve been thinking about for a while? They want to hear about it!
  • They are enthusiastic about your projects! What’s better than a team that helps? A team that’s excited to help!
  • They want your feedback. New changes, old changes, big changes, small changes… If you have any praise or constructive criticism about any GAIL enhancements, please let them know.


How can I contact the Application Support team?

  • You can reach the Application Support team via the ASKIT ticket system. From the GAIL website, choose “request help” and then add your ticket details and submit!