Who are the members of the Constituent Management team?

Constituent Management is made up of 6 team members: (Left to Right) Brian Norman, Lauren Nickels, Kellie Judy, Ashley Morrow (Manager), Carrie Bero, and Janet Lee Epperson.


Team Fun Facts:

  • Ashley loves UGA sports (particularly baseball and women’s basketball) and is also a bit of a Disney fanatic!
  • Janet enjoys going to the mountains, camping, kayaking and hiking with her husband Bobby and dog Luna.
  • Kellie loves playing Scrabble with her grandmother and enjoys watching scary movies.
  • Brian enjoys any opportunity to play a quick game of checkers or connect four.
  • Carrie loves to shop and collects purses and shoes. She attends Zumba classes and loves the beach, particularly Thousand Islands in New York.
  • Lauren loves spending her free time doing anything outdoors. She also has three chickens; Bok, Cosmo, and Goldie Hen.


What does the CM team do?

  • Data Entry: Constant entry of data records, researching new and confirmed information, updating constituents records with new addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, marriages, obituaries, involvements, UGA committee updates of members, UGA faculty and staff records, UGA students & parents records, the list goes on and on.
  • Data Enrichment: The Records team receives a multitude of data files each year that gets researched and verified prior to loading into GAIL such as UGA Human Resources data, Admissions & Registrars data, LinkedIn data, Alumni Finder data, Deceased Finder data, etc.
  • Auditing:  A huge task is to ensure the integrity of the data that goes into GAIL, and in conjunction with our own team’s data entry, we also encourage our users to update and enter data they may have access to that we do not.  This constant flow of data into the system requires a continuous auditing process that gets reviewed daily.
  • Special Projects: LiveAlumni is an example of special projects where we obtain information that goes into GAIL, as well as LinkedIn.


Why is having a CM team important?

Accurate and timely access to data records with integrity being the highest priority.  Our users rely on the data within GAIL to conduct mailings, solicitations, invitations and other types of communications.  Without a central Records Management team to review the data, no one would be able to put their trust into the database that we have.


When is data added to the GAIL system?

Daily: Address changes, phone number changes, email address changes, spouse updates, deceased record updates, etc.

Quarterly: HR Faculty/Staff + Address Finder

Yearly: People Finder


Where does the CM team get their information?

  • 680+ GAIL Users from across the entire University
  • UGA Human Resources – Provides information about our faculty and staff
  • UGA Registrar’s Office – Provides information about our current students and parents
  • Blackbaud – Provides multiple resources to identify new contact information and deceased constituents
  • LiveAlumni – Provides information about our alumni
  • Online/Social Media (Ex. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)


What does the CM team want GAIL users to know?

Don’t be afraid to reach out! The Records team thrives on increasing not only the amount of information in GAIL but also the accuracy of the current data in GAIL. If you’re interested in contributing to Records bottom line, they’d love to hear from you. Do you have questions about the current information in GAIL and how it was entered? Ask Records! They are happy to assist with any of your constituent data inquires.


How can I contact the CM team about adding my data to GAIL?

You can reach the Constituent Management team via email at records@uga.edu. You can also open a ticket from the GAIL website (or via askit@uga.edu) and change the help topic to Alumni Records – Updating Data.